Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bobby From Boston

Walking into Bobby from Boston is like stepping into a time portal. Bobby's is considered among the best of the best when talking about vintage clothing. If you're interested in clothes, regardless of your own personal style (prep, traditional, hipster, etc) it's hard not to get inspired by this store. Bobby is very well known and respected in the industry. His infulence is more prevalent than you may even know. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion game on the development of product lines, as well as period pieces from some of your favorite shows. Rugby or Boardwalk Empire anyone? When in Boston, whether you are into vintage goods or not, Bobby from Boston is a must see.


  1. My favorite place in all of Boston. I find something special every time I visit, which is often. I wish we had more places like this in town.

  2. Thank you for profiling our shop. Lovely photos.
    Bobby From Boston
    19 Thayer St.
    Boston, MA
    617 423 9299

  3. I am looking forward to stopping by this weekend when I return home to Boston (although I remember they have strange hours/days open).

    I used to go here all of the time my senior year of high school and on home from breaks in college. It originated my appreciation for high quality clothing with heritage and has probably been a major influence on my own style/appreciation for menswear. The place is completely decent and affordable too!

    Thanks for the post - although you stole my idea! Always wanted to snap a photo tour of this place and share it with the blogosphere.

    Keep it up OMS.


  4. Is there an online shop for this?